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About Us.

We are a small family run business, based in Slough Berkshire. Our main aim is to provide value for money self build guitar kits. After years of buying off the shelf guitars, it was always a dream to build and finish a guitar that was as unique as possible to me. So  when time was on my side, I started to look around to see what was available. The answer was not very much, it was either cheap and poor quality or expensive and had to be imported from the USA. I set about finding a way of having kits made, not only for ourselves but to supply to like minded people. We found a well known OEM manufacturer willing to produce kits to a high quality at an affordable price especially for us.

We offer as a hardware up-grade products designed by Trevor Wilkinson. Over the test of time his products have consistently been at the innovative edge of guitar technology but always with the guitar player in mind.

The models, woods and options currently on the website are just the beginning, once we get a solid client base, we have plans for more models, more wood options and hardware from other manufacturers. We want to be able to supply anything our customers require to build his or her dream guitar.


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