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  Privacy Policy:

At we are 100% committed to protecting your security and privacy. We never have, and never will, pass your details onto another company or 3rd party. We will treat any personal information by which you can be identified (i.e. name, address, email etc.) in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1998.  You can be sure that the only mails that you receive from us will be directly concerned with your order. We know that when you shop online, you want to know that your name, address, credit card details and any other information you give us is kept safe and secure, and we promise to do that.

We will not collect any personal information without your knowledge. This information will be collected for a known purpose that you understand and will not be used in future for any other reason other than the one it is being collected for in the first instance.

This information is collected by you filling an electronic form and is encrypted in all those cases. Your trust and confidence in  online system is key to our success and would welcome any comments / doubts / suggestions that you may have.

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