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  Our self build electric guitar kits are relatively easy to build, but they are not a numbered bolt together model kit. Some degree of woodwork and electronics knowledge is required for your own quality of construction and safety. The finished product is totally dependant on the amount of effort and care you put into building the kit, so we recommend you do as much research as possible in books, on the internet and using the links below. We cannot be held responsible for any failings in your construction or end product, so we do not include build instructions ( we do not tell you how to build your guitar) with the kits. We are positive that you can produce an out standing guitar with our kits, and that you will come back to us for more.

Build Links.            (re-ranch usa site loads of info)           ( fender colours History info) making of a 50th anniversary strat   lots of good info

Guitar Websites - Links to the best web sites for Guitarists

Wiring/shielding see pages1,2,3,4,5&6



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